Sorochintsy Fair in Poltava

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Starting from 18-th, August till 23-d, August in Velikie Sorochintsy village (Mirgorod district, Poltava region) there will be an annual national Sorochinskaya Fair and folk art Festival.

Many famous groups and folk ensembles will sing for visitors during these days. Among them: folk ensemble “Poltava”, trio group “Vyshyvanka”, famous Ukrainian band “Dzidzio”, “Druga Rika” and many others.

During these festive days guests will have the opportunity to celebrate Apple Spas (Savior of the Apple Feast Day – the holiday of Orthodox Church, on this day people bless honey and apples); There will be also some theatrical shows, based on Nikolai Gogol’s stories, some master-classes on different subjects, there will be a Flash Mob “Friends, Gather together!” etc.

Nobody forgets about a minute of silence devoted to all heroes who died for Ukraine’s Independence during Maidan and during the War at Donbass region.