International Debut Semi-marathon in Poltava

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On the 6-th, September Poltava welcomed a first (debut) 21-km semi-marathon. It started near Kotlyarevsky cinema (Corpusny park) and the number of participants was 200 persons.

Besides, there were 2 racings: 1 distance was 10,3 km and 1 distance was 1 km. In general more than 700 persons took place in this activity. The age of participants was from 2 years old till 76 years old. All these people arrived to Poltava from 43 different cities of Ukraine and EU countries, thus this marathon can be truly called international.

All participants received commemorative medals, and the winners were rewarded with cash prizes from organizers and sponsors.

Nobody forgot about charity. All collected money during one of the racings was used for buying special equipment for one of Poltava children’s hospital.