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The Museum of Poltava Battle History

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The Museum of Poltava Battle history
Address: 32, Shvedska Mogyla str.
Tel.: +380 (532) 52-74-27 (director)
Working hours: 9.00—17.00
Day off: Monday

One of the first stationary Poltava museums is the Museum of the Poltava Battle history (27th June, 1709). The museum was founded in June of 1909 on the initiative of famous region history specialist I. Pavlovsky in honor of the Battle bicentenary. During Civil war years, after several cases of robbery, the museum was temporarily closed. Its work was renovated on the 23d, September, 1950 — the museum moved to former veterans’ hospital building who participated in the last Russian-Turkish war (70's of XIX century).

In 1981 the museum and its complex of monuments connected with the Battle were proclaimed as the State Historical and Cultural reserve “The Field of the Great Poltava Battle”. Total square of the reserve is 1'906,5 acres. Modern halls of the museum show unique exhibits of XVII century and the Great Northern War period (1700-1721). They are: portraits of Ukrainian Hetmans, engravings, medals, personal things of Peter the Great, collections of cold steel arms and firearms of European and Oriental types.

In the largest hall of the museum there is a highly artistic diorama showing last minutes of the Great Battle. Also, at the territory of the museum complex can be found: Russian warriors’ Bed of Honor (1709 — beginning of XX cent.), the monument to Peter the Great (A. Adamson, 1915), Sampsonievskaya church (1856-1907) and many other objects.

State historical and cultural reserve “The Field of the Great Poltava Battle” is the only museum among other Ukrainian museum complexes of such types, which is included in the International Association of Arms & Military History World Museums (LAIM AM) acting under the aegis of UNESCO. In accordance with the Ukrainian Cabinet’s decree N. 1761 dated 27.12.2001 the State Historical and Cultural reserve “The Field of the Great Poltava Battle” was proclaimed as the object of national culture heritage and entered in the State list of Ukraine’s Landscapes.