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Literary Memorial Museum of V. G. Korolenko

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Literary Memorial Museum of V. G. Korolenko
Address: 1, Korolenko str.
Tel.: +380 (5322) 7-22-00
E-mail: korolenko-museum@mail.ru
Working hours: 9.00-17.00

The museum of outstanding writer and democrat Korolenko started its work in 1928 with the exhibition "Life and work of Vladimir Korolenko" organized in honour of writer’s 75 birthday. On the basis of this exhibition in 1940 the museum was founded. Sofya Vladimirovna, writer’s daughter, became a museum’s governor.

Today the museum complex consists of: writer’s memorial place (remarkable history sight of end of XIX — beginning of XX centuries), outhouse with showroom, and Korolenko’s and his wife’s graves at the territory of the city “Victory” park.

There are 10’000 exhibits in the museum collection. These are: personal things of the writer and his family, large library, canvases, and manuscripts of Siberian stories, "Stories of my contemporary" and etc.