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Literary Memorial Museum of Panas Myrnyi

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Literary Memorial Museum of Panas Myrnyi
Address: 56, Panasa Myrnogo str.
Tel./fax: +380 (532) 59-68-53,
Working hours: 9.00-17.00
Day off: Friday

The museum of famous classic of Ukrainian literature is situated in the house, where Panas Rudchenko — real name of Panas Myrnyi — lived and worked during seventeen years (1903-1920). Creation of the museum collection started during pre-war period. Alexandra Mikhailovna Rudchenko — the writer's widow — was one of the first who gave some exhibits to the museum. The museum started its work in July of 1940. Since 1961 the museum has been occupying the whole writer’s house.

The modern memorial complex was created in 1974 by artists of Poltava. It consists of the memorial writer’s house where he lived in 1860, literary and exhibition hall, opened in 1985 and his garden of 3,5 acres — trees and bushes in this garden were originally planted by the writer. At the park part of the writer's place there is a birdbath surrounded by age-old willows and oaks.

According to a number of writer’s memorial exhibits his museum is the richest one among other literary museums of Ukraine. Among unique exhibits of the museum collection there are manuscripts of Ivan Rudchenko — the elder brother of Panas Myrny.

Near Panas Myrnyi memorial estate, in Zeleny Gay cavin, there is his grave. The writer adored this place, he liked to stroll and have a rest there.

The writer’s estate museum and his grave of 1920 are entered in the State list of Ukraine’s Landscapes.