N. Yaroshenko Art Museum

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N. Yaroshenko Art Museum
Address: 5, Frunze str.
Tel.: +380 (532) 56-35-40
Working hours: 10.00-18.00
Day off: Monday

Poltava Art Museum was founded on the 27th, April, 1919. It started its work from the picture gallery opening in landlord V. Balyubash palace (by architect P. Alyoshin, 1912). The base of the museum collection is the works of famous artist - itinerant N. Yaroshenko, who was born in Poltava. This museum is named after him.

In 1999 Art Museum (Art gallery) moved to a new hall (by architect J. Oleinik). There are more than 9’000 art exhibits there. Among them can be found works of West-European bright artists (Clara Peters, Marcello Bacciarelli, Francesco Lazzaro Guardi), Russian and Ukrainian artists (Nikolai Pymonenko, Opanas Slastion, Grigory Myasoyedov, Ivan Shishkin, Ilya Repin). The museum is proud of the largest collection of N. Yaroshenko and I. Myasoedov canvases.

Total museum’s square is 2450 square yards. There is Sasha Putrya hall of child art on the first floor. On the second floor there is a modern press center, greenery and a large showroom of 658 square yards.