Monument to T. G. Shevchenko

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Monument to T. G. Shevchenko
Address: Petrovsky park, Konstitutsiya street.

The monument to the world-famous poet and artist Taras Shevchenko was erected opposite the Local Lore museum in Poltava on March, 12, 1926.

It was built according to the project of the Ukrainian sculptor І. Kavaleridze, who was born in Poltava region. It was made in the cubism style from reinforced concrete symbolizing a burial mound upon which the figure of the poet is arised. The figure of Shevchenko has a severe laconism which creates a strong and wise image. The pedestal bears the inscription: "T. H. Shevchenko" and a line from his “Testament”: “...And water with the tyrant’s blood the freedom you have gained...”.

Taras Shevchenko arrived in Poltava for the first time in summer 1843, then in 1845-47 and in 1859. Here, in Poltava region he wrote some works: “Heretic”, “Blind”, the poems “Don’t envy to rich man”, “Don’t marry a rich woman”. He created a few drawings, portraits. In 1845 Shevchenko lived in Poltava. His impressions were described in the narrative “Twins”. In Poltava he painted the farmstead of І. Kotlyarevsky and Khrestovozdvizhensky monastery.