Monument to N. Sklifosovsky

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Monument to N. Sklifosovsky
Address: at Poltava region clinical hospital territory.

N. Skliphosovsky is one of the most prominent Russian surgeons. He is a scientist, a public figure and a man of exceptionally wide and deep knowledge. He is a doctor who never refused in a help. He was the professor of the Moscow University clinic, the Surgical Academy in Petersburg, and he was the initiator and the founder of Pirogovskiy doctors’ congresses, one of those who founded abdominal surgery, antisepsis and asepsis.

His life was connected with Poltava for many years. He made the most difficult operations here in the Province hospital and saved many lives of Poltava people. Since 1871 every summer he spent in Yakivtsy (village near Poltava) on his farmstead, and starting from 1900 he lived here constantly. Skliphosovsky died in 1904 and was buried here in Poltava region.

The monument to the famous doctor was built on the territory of a regional clinic in 1979 to the 75th anniversary of his death’s day. The Regional clinical hospital named after Skliphosovsky. This monument is a granite bust setting on the pedestal. The author is the sculptor M. O. Chernitsky. The monument’s height is 1,6 meters and the pedestal’s height is 2,4 мeters.