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Monument to defenders of Poltava (to A. S. Kelyn)

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Monument to defenders of Poltava (to A. S. Kelyn)
Address: crossing of Pervomaysky alley, Shevchenko and Sadovaya streets.

The monument to the glorious defenders of Poltava and to the brave city Commandant Alexei Kelin is situated on the Pervomaysky alley, where in earlier times were the fortress wall and Mazurivsky gates. The furious fighting was exactly there on the 21st-22nd June, 1709.

This monument was erected to 200th anniversary of Poltava battle — on June, 27th, 1909. The authors are: a sculptor А. Оber and an architect O. Bilderming. The bronze figure of a lion symbolizes the heroism of Poltava defenders. This monument represents a composition of the granite cube and rectangular prism on it that stands on a three-step base. The monument’s height is 8,8 meters. Previously the eagle had crowned the monument’s top, but it was taken off in the years of the civil war.

There is the inscription on the bronze board: «To the glorious Commandant of Poltava, Colonel Kelin, and to the Glorious Defenders of the City in 1709». In the upper part of the obelisk is an old Poltava coat of arms. There are also facts about fortress’s defense written on a bronze board. Kelin has got a rank of a major general for Poltava defence organization.

During German occupation years the bronze figure of the lion, the coat of arms, the boards were taken out to Germany. The monument was restored again in 1947-1949. All details were moulded all over again.