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Monument at the rest-place of Peter I

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Monument at the rest-place of Peter I
Address: crossing of Spasskaya and Parizhskoy Kommuny streets.

The monument is located next to the Spasskaya church. Exactly at this place up to 1804 there was a house of Cossack Magdenka where the Commandant Kelin had lodged during the siege of Poltava. In the same house «about three rooms with a kitchen and a bath-house» Peter I rested the following day after Poltava battle. Here He questioned closely Kelin about fortress’s defense and was present at the prayer gratitude service in the Spasskaya church. At the place of the former Magdenka’s house there was erected a temporal stella. In 1817 it was a low altitude pyramidal obelisk with copper decorations and the inscription on the board: “Peter I rested here after the battle”.

On the 27th, June, 1849 Poltava citizens saw a new monument, which was erected in the honor of 140th anniversary of Poltava battle. The monument’s author was the Professor of Architecture A. Bryullov from Petersburg (he was a brother of the famous artist K. Bryulov and he was also the author of Palatial Square’s and Pulkovskaya observatory’s projects in Petersburg). The other monument’s author was the artist Hamburger who made the model in his own workshop in Petersburg. The height of the pyramidal bronze obelisk is 6,5 m. On the monument’s top there are a sword and shield, on the shield – helmet and victor’s laurels. At the pedestal there is a high relief image of a resting lion that symbolizes power and peace. It is Russia State Emblem.