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Memorial complex of Soldier’s Glory

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Memorial complex of Soldier’s Glory
Address: I. P. Kotlyarevsky city park territory.

The memorial of Soldier’s Glory was opened in October, 1969 as a contribution of lost warriors in the years of Great Patriotic War. Authors are E. Kuntsevich, I. Mezentsev, G. Kislyi, L. Vayngort.

The 22-meters obelisk with the inscription «Glory of heroes is immortal» is in the center of the Memorial. The 6-meters soldier’s sculpture with a shield in his hands is alongside. At the monument’s pedestal there is the Eternal Fire in memory of the Fallen in the Second World War.

The lines on the soldiers’ gravestones demonstrate courage of soldiers and partisans, fallen for Poltava land. Here were buried such great soldiers as: the lieutenant general A. Zygin, the colonel V. Balakin, the colonel P. Barbin, the hero of the Soviet Union colonel N.Kycherenko and his son N. Kucherenko, who was a lieutenant, the colonel А. Holodny and many others.

More than hundred of soviet soldiers got the rank of the Soviet Union’s Hero for performing feats on Poltava land; 27 of them awarded posthumously. In the battles for setting city free 394 warriors were killed.