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Monument to A. S. Pushkin

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Monument to A. S. Pushkin
Address: Birch square, crossing of Pushkin and Mishenko streets.

On the 6th, June, 1987 the monument to the greatest Russian poet A. Pushkin was opened in a comfortable Birch square in Poltava. He glorified our city in the same name poem «Poltava». The bronze poet’s bust is placed on an easy granite pedestal among birches and young spruces (the sculptor is N. Kogan, the architects are V. Vadimov and G. Zil’berblik). The monument’s height is 4,5 meters.

This monument is a symbol of Poltava people’s gratitude and honor to the outstanding poet. Around the square there is a small figured fence, also there are beautiful lamps, made according to original projects and square’s benches, which remind those, which were in “Lyceum’s gardens”.