White Rotunda

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White Rotunda
Address: Sobornaya square.

In 1909, in honor of bicentenary of Poltava Great Battle, in a territory of the old fortress there was raised the White Rotunda. It reminds to Poltava people that right there on a second day after the battle Peter I met Poltava craftsmen. The Rotunda has a horseshoe shape because according to a legend, a local smith skillfully shoed Peter I horse, which lost its shoe during the Battle. Exactly this legend made Rotunda’s exterior view. The horseshoe’s ends are curved and turned to Uspenskyi Cathedral.

During the Great Patriotic War, fascists demolished the Rotunda and placed their antiaircraft point. In 1954, Lev Weingort proposed his project of the Rotunda reconstruction. The new rotunda had horseshoe shape, eight columns, nine meter high like the old one. The only difference was in the name. A new construction was named “the Rotunda of Friendship” — in honor of “300 anniversary of friendship between Russia and Ukraine”.

There is a wonderful view of Podol and Levada districts, Vorskla river valley (from Scythian-Sarmatian «vor» — white or clean, «skol» — river).

There is a tradition for Poltava graduates to come to the White rotunda to meet their first sunrise after graduation parties and just married couples come to the Rotunda to uncork champagne on the occasion of new family birth.