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The building of Nobiliary and Village Banks

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The building of Nobiliary and Village Banks
Address: 39, Oktyabrskaya str.

As a result of the agrarian reform of Russia Stolypin period many bank institutions appeared in province centers. These institutions regulated supply and demand on a land. Within Poltava province there were Nobiliary and Rural banks that regulated land questions. These institutions were built during 1906 -1909 by Poltava ingeneer S. Nosov according to the project of Kiev architect A. Kobelev. Two-storied building made of decorative red brick has the elements of Old Russian (Moscow) architecture and meets the requirements of Modern style ХХ century.

In the facade part finishing there were used mosaic panel, colored ceramic inserts. The main entrance of the building is decorated by twin-wheel ogival porch, where there are statues of Phoenix birds – revival symbols in Old Eastern mythology. Since 1937 this building is occupied by Regional department of KGB (National Security Committee), in 1991 – Regional Department of Ukraine’s Security Service.

Nowadays this building is one of the rarest architectural samples of Russian Modern and it is the architectural memorial of national value.