Spaska (Saviour) Church

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Spaska (Saviour) Church
Address: 10, Oktyabrskaya str.

Long time ago the oldest church of Poltava was a small chapel of the Transfiguration Cathedral, which was situated at the territory of Khrestovozdvizhensky Monastery. In 1706 it was moved to the administrative part of the city. Exactly in the Church of the Saviour all famous Poltava colonels swore solemnly to defend citizens’ interests. People say, that Peter I was in this church during the solemn mass, on the occasion of the great Russian troops victory on the 28th, July, 1709.

In 1837, the famous poet Vasily Zhukovsky and his charge Alexander — the future Emperor Alexander II — found the old wooden church in rather dilapidated conditions, with mossy walls and lopsided vestibule. To save the church, the heir to the imperial throne, Alexander took the lead of All-Russian charitable foundation creation in order to raise funds for the church restoration. Besides, he asked to make everything possible to save the landmark for ages.

There was a stone belfry near the church, erected in 1847 but this belfry and a stone fence around the church were demolished in the 30th of XX century. The stone fence reconstruction has been lasting since 2005 up to now.

Today the Church of the Saviour is the landmark of the national value.