Makaryyvska church

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Makaryyvska church
Address: 2A, Lyali Ubiyvovk str.

The church was built in 1901-1904 near Kobyschany village with the help of the merchant L. Kolesnikov. The church was sanctified in 1904 in honor of the martyr Makary Kanevsky – the archimandrite Ovrutzky, the Miracle-Worker of Pereyaslov and the right chapel was sanctified in honor of the Prophet Elijah. The single-floor four-way stone church touches a belfry on the Western side.

Makaryyvska church was closed in 1937 but restarted its activity in 1941. When the Transfiguration church was ruined (1962), Makaryevska church became the Cathedral of Poltava and at the same time became the cathedra of Poltava bishops.

There are some mural paintings of the XX century remained at the church’s walls; among them there is a Gorbanyvka icon of the Mother of God (1786). The interior’s restoration works were made in 1967 and 1987.