Corpusny park

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The central point of the city is the round Alexandrian (Corpusny) garden. It is a favourite resting place of Poltava people. It was created by the plan, developed in the days of the governor general Prince Aleksey Kurakin. For a long time this park was in the possession of Poltava Petrovskiy cadet corps and that is why it was named Corpusny. This name has preserved up to our days.

Long time ago there was an ordinary suburban wasteland in this place. When the city began to expand, gradually, eight main ways, like rays, were stretched to the monastery, to the churches and to other places.

Starting since 1802 this square had been building up. In 1840 around Glory Monument there was a central park. Officially, park opening was in 1909 in honor of the bicentenary of Poltava battle celebration. Since 1964 the Corpusny park is the monument of the landscape architecture. It has a round shape and eight radial alleys. There are about 70 sorts of trees and bushes, flowerbeds of peonies, roses and other flowers. The park’s area is 6 hectares. On weekends you can listen to the brass band playing.