The Сhestnut alley

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The avenue was planted in 1913 by Poltava high school students in honour of the 300th anniversary of Romanov’s dynasty. At first there were planted 300 chestnut trees, then its quantity reached 400 trees. The alley’s area is 4 hectares. The length is one kilometre.

Starting from 1970 the alley, which is located on Oktyabrskaya street (former Kurakinska), is the botanical nature’s memorial. The A. Zygin’s monument is erected at the beginning of the alley.

Up to the present moment the Chestnut alley has been already reconstructed. Old trees were replaced by the new ones.

This alley reminds us the days, when the warriors of Peter I went from the battle field to meet the defenders of Poltava fortress. Warriors-winners went from the west to the east. The trees were planted in the same direction.