Title #0 Type: Cafe
Cuisine: European, Japanese
Address: 8, Frunze str.
Capasity: up to 65 seats
Tel: +380 (532) 56-56-78
Working hours: 9:00-23:00.

Kioto-bar is situated in the centre of Poltava. From its huge panoramic windows you can see 1100th Poltava square. This bar has an interesting slogan – Try to taste Japan!”

There are two halls in this place (for smoking and non smoking people), VIP-zone, hookah hall, tea place and a bar counter. The interior is made in best Japanese traditions – respect to every object. Here you can see depicted Budda in the gold setting that symbolizes peace of mind and harmony, a wall panel from natural bamboo with artistic modeling, water “wall”, aquarium, comfortable soft furniture, air-conditioners, WI-FI internet and TV on line. The walls are decorated with such pictures as: urban night landscapes of Kioto - a successful megalopolis, Japanese cherry tree blossoming against blue sky background, smiling beauties in neat kimono etc.

All the bar’s guests are offered to listen to light, calm music in order to feel the exotic and mysterious East atmosphere. Kioto-bar’s aesthetics allows spending a wonderful evening with candles, to relaxing in friendly atmosphere or celebrating significant events in your life.

If you are in this bar you will feel comfort, delicacy and absolute harmony and without any problems you will find the coziest place with colorful menu in your seats. There is wonderful tableware (in white, green and mocha colors) for our dainty guests. If you are inside you will also notice bamboo decorative partitions that help to hide from strangers you tasting of classical Japanese and European dishes.