Konkord Mall

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Konkord Mall
Address: 60a, Frunze str.
Total square: 10 000 sq.m.
Floors’ number: 6.

“Konkord” is the first trade and entertainment center in Poltava which beautified one of the most active Poltava crossroads – Frunze and Ostap Vyshnya streets. It was opened for Poltava people on the 5th April, 2007 and it was named in honor of the world known “Place de la Konkorde” in Paris.

"“Konkord” – is the 6-floors Fashion Center (total square 10 000 m2), which presents trade gallery of boutiques, “Furshet Gourmet” supermarket with a great variety of different products, different stores. Also in this center there is an entertainment zone which includes cinema halls, cafes and fast food restaurants, multimedia shooting gallery and a beauty center.

At the present moment “Konkord” centre presents the following leaseholders: "Furshet Gourmet" – a big supermarket, Brocard, “Bustje” – lingerie store, Lerros, Vip Collection, Luciano Carvari, Luxoptica, Bergoff, O'Stin, INCITY, OGGI, ViloNNa, 75B, Bo Biju, Ornament, Euro Star, FashionSport Group, LADY'S, pret-A-porter, Bomond, Atma-pressa, “ZanziBar” bar, fast food restaurants’ network –“Potato house”, fast food restaurants’ network "Pizza Chelentano", 3-halls cinema – "Konkord-Kino", etc.

The whole 4th floor of “Konkord” complex is designed for entertainment zone. Here you can find 3-halls “Konkord-Kino” cinema, multimedia shooting gallery “Ranger”, a big food court zones (“Potato house” and “Pizza Chelentano”).