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Interpreters and translators

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Interpreters/Translators are available for oral and written translations.


We are willing to provide you with the professional interpreter that would assist you during your meetings, help shopping, take you around Poltava, etc.

Interpreting includes: oral translations from/to English according to customer's needs, assisting in his/her city activities. Does not include city transportation expenses. Payment for translator's meals is upon agreement.

  • Hourly rate - 10 USD per hour.
  • Daily rate - 50 USD per day (10.00 - 18.00).
  • If you want to have interpreter's services for a long period of time – we will offer You special rates and discuss it individually.

Rates for translation are charged on source text per word basis.
English to Russian or Ukrainian - 0.03 USD per word.
Russian or Ukrainian to English - 0.03 USD per word.
Minimal order - 500 words. Smaller volume of translation can be provided for a fee of 15 USD.

Translations are sent back by e-mail, or can be printed and delivered to any address in Ukraine if required.

At our site you can choose hotels in Poltava. For any questions you can contact us by tel: +38-050-636-24-36 or skype: poltavacity, icq: 436532739.