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Poltava tour – The Best City sightseeings tours

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Poltava is one of the most ancient and the most interesting cities of Ukraine. The history of Poltava is probably the history of all Ukraine.
If you visit Poltava one day, you will fill your life with unforgettable impressions, keeping in your mind for the rest of your life incredible beauty of its nature, wealth of its landscape, unique architecture and a very interesting city history. We are very proud of our beautiful city and always offer our guests all the best!

We have the best selection of activities, sightseeing tours and entertainment. Poltava tour is the best way to get acquainted with our city.

Please, choose any of Poltava city tours below:


1. City sightseeing walking tour
Walking tour would be great for those tourists who would like to combine pleasant strolling with excursion. You will be able to find more time for city sightseeing and its monuments.
This excursion will include the historical part of the city; you will stroll along Gogol str., Oktyabrskaya str. and Pervomaiskiy avenue. During this tour you will get acquainted with the history and architecture of our city. At your will you can visit the place-museum of the famous Ukrainian writer Ivan Kotlyarevsky.
Duration: 2-3 hours.

2. Poltava Sightseeing tour
It is a general sightseeing tour around Poltava historical places. You will have the unique possibility to be involved in the history of the city and its picturesque places. The city will clue its secrets and gladden your sight. During this excursion you will visit the historical part of the city: Round square and the Glory Monument – one of the main sights of Poltava, White rotunda and monument of Poltavska Galushka, will visit the museum-place of Kotlyarevsky – a famous Ukrainian writer, will see many historical monuments, related to Poltava Battle history, will have the possibility to visit the museum of Poltava Battle History and, at will, visit Khrestovozdvizhenskiy monastery that was founded in 1650. On the territory of this monastery you will see 7-domed church – the only one in Ukraine that exists till nowadays.
Duration: 4 hours.

3. Poltava + Dikanka
This tour will acquaint you with Poltava city and the history of our region. You will get the unique possibility to see many architectural monuments, samples of folk creative work and home craft. During this excursion you’ll visit picturesque places, depicted in the works of a great Ukrainian prose writer Nikolay Gogol, will know more about life and creative work of this outstanding person. His stories’ characters will revive in the historical and cultural complex "The evenings in the hamlet near Dikanka". One part of the excursion will be held in Dikanka landscape park and will be continued in Gogol Museum – place in Vasilievka village.
By Dikanka village, at will, you will have the possibility to visit a very cosy in Ukrainian style cafe where you may order lunch or dinner, choosing the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine (meal is not included in the tour price).
Duration: 6 hours.

The price of sightseeings tours depends on the quantity of tourists, transportation and interpreting requirements.
Please contact us for more details.

Also you can take the transportation service from the airport Kharkiv to Poltava.

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