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Country Full Name: Ukraine

Population: 46 700 000

Currency Name: Hryvnia; Code: UAH

Electrical Plugs: 220V, 50Hz

Languages Spoken: Ukrainian / Russian

Time Zones: GMT/UTC +2

Country Dialing Code: +380

Emergency tel. numbers: Firemen – 101, Police – 102, Ambulance – 103

About Ukraine
Ukraine is the biggest country situated on the territory of Europe. The population is more then 47 million people. The majority of people live in cities or towns (65 %). Our country has very powerful agriculture, as it is known, that about 80% of the world’s black earth zone (or “chernozem” soil) is located in Ukraine According to geographical location, our country can be divided into several zones: Carpathian Mountains’ region on the West; plains, transforming into steppes at Pripyat swamps on the North-West and Central part of the country; low hills on the East and littoral zone on the South. Crimea, which is autonomous region, is famous for its blue shores and gold sand beaches, covered from steppes by mountains’ range. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev with population about 3 million people. Prehistoric roots of the country are found in the neighboring village, named Trypillya. This village is the evidence of the thousand-year settlement and Kiev Rus prosperity at the end of Х century. This place is considered to be the beginning of Ukrainian national history. Kiev during many centuries has been cultural and business center of Ukraine. At the end of ХІХ century it has its own first-rate opera-house and municipal bond market, which was as big as markets of Moscow and St.Petersburg. Other top cities of Ukraine are: Lvov - on the West was the main center of Teutonic Knights’ amber storing for some period of time; Kharkov – on the North East was the capital of Ukraine for some years and Donetsk - the center of coal industry. Odessa – “Marseilles of the Black Sea” is a cosmopolitan port where you can find a lot of people with unique sense of humour. Orange revolution in Ukraine of 2004 attracted attention of many people around the World and made some changes in political and economic life of the country. Today Ukraine is developing rather fast. As an example, in 2010 our country took 18-th place in the list of the most attractive countries for investors all over the world. This rate was made up by U.N.O. Conference.

Working hours
Working hours in Ukraine are the same for majority of establishments. Mostly all grocery stores and supermarkets are opened from 8 a.m. till 9 p.m., some of them are opened till 10 p.m. The rest of the stores and shops start its work at 10 a.m. and are closed at 8 – 9 p.m. including weekends. Operational halls in banks usually work from 9:30 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. with lunch break from 1 p.m. till 2 p.m.; working time at offices from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.

GSM operators
Your cell phone will be working in Ukraine if there is an agreement between your mobile operator and Ukrainian mobile communication’s providers about roaming connection. That’s why it is very important to inquire your operator about use of your cell phone on the territory of our country beforehand. Also, you can buy a SIM card and when it is inserted in your cell phone you can call all over Ukraine and abroad. If you want to use city coin-box telephone you need to buy a phone card. They can be sold all over the city in any post-office or in any newsstand.

Electricity voltage
In Ukraine the electricity voltage is 220 V and plug socket differs from European and American standards, thus if you plan to use your laptop, don’t forget to take an adapter with you.

Despite of the fact that Ukrainian language is the official one and widely used all over Ukraine, including Poltava city, majority of Poltava population speak Russian language. Most of youth speak English in different levels.

Clearings in cash
Ukrainian national currency is Hryvnia. Euro and Dollars can be exchanged in any Poltava exchange point. Worn-out money in such points, in majority cases are not accepted.
Credit cards
Main credit cards can be used in many supermarkets, stores, restaurants and hotels. However, you shouldn’t figure only on your credit card and it is advisable to have some cash.

National holidays
Rest days in Ukraine are considered to be the following national holidays: 1st, January – New Year; 7th, January – Christmas; 8th, March –International Woman’s Day; Monday after Easter (annually the date is different). Usually it is the end of April – beginning of May; 1st – 2nd, May – the Day of International working –people solidarity; 9th, May – Victory Day; Monday after Trinity day (usually this holiday is celebrated in the middle of Summer); 28th June – Constitution’s day; 24th August – Independence day.

Public transport
You can order taxi service by phone.
Buses, trolley buses and route taxes
Buses, trolley buses and route taxes are still very popular among Poltava population, thus during rush hours they are overcrowded. The passage ticket costs 1.50 UAH (for trolley buses) and 4.00 UAH (for buses and route taxes).

More then 97 % of religious societies, registered today in the territory of Ukraine, practice Christianity. Half of these communities are Orthodox and the other half are Catholics and Protestants. The Orthodox Church in Ukraine is divided into three branches: Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow patriarchy, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev patriarchy and Ukrainian independent Orthodox Church. The Catholic Church is also divided into 3 branches: Ukrainian Greco – Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Church and Armenian Catholic Church. Jewish and Moslem communities also have a lot of representatives in the territory of our country. Ukrainian Jewish Community is the 3-d biggest community in Europe and the 5th biggest community in the World. Also in Ukraine there are 391 Moslem communities and more then 150 mosques. According to our history Crimea was the center of Islam propagation in Ukraine.

Time zone
Ukraine belongs to East European Time Zone (Utc/gmt +2). As in majority European countries Ukraine also goes to Summer time, putting a clock forward on 1 hour, in other words on 3 hours relatively to Greenwich mean time (Gmt+3). In Autumn while changing to Winter time we putting a clock back to 1 hour relatively to East European time (Gmt+2).

Our life is very comfortable, you will find many suggestions about Poltava city apartments and many other things.