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St. Uspensky (Dormition) Cathedral

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St. Uspensky (Dormition) Cathedral
Address: 1, Sobornaya square.

At place of modern St. Uspensky Cathedral, which was a centre of Poltava fortress, there was an old wooden Dormition church. The last testimonials of its existence were made in 1695. In 1748 on Kossack leaders' and the public’s initiative it was decided to build a stone cathedral. On the 8th, November, 1748 they made a treaty with the famous architect – Stefan Stabansky, who was from New Serbia.

Taking into account different organizational and financial questions church building started only in 1751. Building works were finished only in 1770. It was the first stone built Cathedral in Poltava. The dimensions were: length – 32 m, width – 17 m. The Cathedral was a two storied building in style of Byzantine architecture. The facades were decorated by pediments.

In 10 years, in 1780, the Cathedral was rebuilt — two more domes were added above the chancel and the cathedral became five-domed. In 1899 – 1900 there was a decision to widen the Cathedral: there was built a side chapel, the choirs were removed to the west; the cathedral became lighter and spacious. In 1847 the city cathedral became the mother church. In the Cathedral there was built a four storey carved iconostasis in “French style”. There were five thrones in the cathedral. They were: the main throne of Dormition of Virgin Mary; to the right - the throne of Peter and Paul the Apostles; to the left - the throne of the Prophet Elijah, to the right of the choirs there was the throne of St. Archistratigus Michael and to the left - the throne of the Great Martyr St. Barbara.

In 1934 the Cathedral was ruined and stayed empty, except the belfry (144 m. high) which was saved with the help of God. During the Second World War since 1941 till 1946 John the Baptist’s Cathedral was restored in this place. After the World War II for a long time the Cathedral belfry stayed as ruins, after that there were different workshops in it. When Poltava celebrated its 1100 years anniversary it was decided to restore the belfry and make a city museum in it with sightseeing view on the top level. So, the restoration, according to the architectural project of V. Trigubov, started in 1999 and it was finished in 2005. The new cathedral is 37, 5 m. high and has 7 bells, molded at “Poltava diesel locomotives repairing plant”.

Nowadays St. Uspensky (Dormition) Cathedral belongs to Ukrainian Orthodox Kiev Patriarchate Church, it is not sanctified, but there is a belfry in it that was sanctified in 1787 and where, after the Church destruction, was a Temple for a long time.

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