Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need the entering visa to be able to travel to Ukraine?
We are pleased to confirm that starting from September 2005 citizens of the following countries do not need visas anymore: European Union countries, Swiss Confederation, Liechtenstein, Canada, Japan, USA. The rule is valid for short term visits, up to 90 days. Visas are not required also for the citizens of the following countries: Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. Other countries’ citizens still need visas for entering Ukraine. For more information please see our visa support service.

2. Why I cannot book my accommodation (hotel or apartment) in Poltava immediately on-line?
No accommodation in Poltava guarantees on-line booking system. It is technically not supported by the majority of hotels or apartments, as to the current moment. If you want to be sure to get the specific room in the specific hotel for the specific dates you should be confirmed with the hotel first. It cannot be made in the real-time of your on-line request. Therefore you get the booking payment details only after confirmation of available room or apartment. There is no other way to be sure customers get what they want. All the reservations are confirmed within 24 hours from the moment payment guarantee is received.

3. When is it better to start reservation for my trip to Ukraine?
45-30 days prior to your trip. Within this term you will be able to process your visa timely and domestic transportation will be available for booking. But if you are traveling in high season it is better to take care of accommodation earlier than this term. Although we process last minute requests too, please, allow at least two working days for processing.

4. In what way I can transfer money for the apartment or hotel room?
There are different ways of settling the payment:

  • Credit card (Visa or MasterCard) on-line payment (using the Secure Payment Gateway which supports Visa 3-D Secure and MasterCard SecureCode protection technology);
  • Money transfer to our bank account (USD and national Ukrainian currency);
  • Through international money transfer systems (Western Union, Moneygram. Unistream).

5. What is your booking cancellation policy?
We operate limited amount of apartments in Poltava and make our schedule in advance (usually in 3-4 weeks). Every booking cancellation made in short notice (less than 21 days before the reservation) is very painful for us because it usually means that, most likely, we will be unable to fill the apartment during those dates. In case you cancel apartment reservation after booking confirmation, the prepayment is not returned. In case you book the hotel room – booking cancellation policy without penal sanctions depends upon every separate hotel policy.

6. Payment in advance.
If you want to book an apartment, you have to make a prepayment. Usually it is 24 hours’ accommodation costs in an appropriate apartment. Prepayment is included in the total amount and deducted with final payment. On the arrival day you need to pay for the whole reservation term, excluding the prepayment. If you leave earlier then reserved dates – paid amount is not returned. If you plan to reserve the hotel room, you need to make 100% payment in advance for the whole period of your staying.
7. To have accommodation without reservation.
In case you don’t reserve the apartment in advance, you can contact us and within 10-15 minutes we will give you information about vacant accommodation. If there are some free apartments at our disposal you will be settled in the nearest future after your phone call.

8. Can you confirm my reservation without payment of a deposit?
No. A deposit is required in order to receive a booking confirmation.

9. Will I have a receipt or other proof of payment after booking process is completed?
Yes, you will. After deposit transaction is completed, you will have a receipt sent to your e-mail box.

10. What are your check-in and check-out time?
Our check-in time is 14.00; check-out time is 12.00. If we have the possibility we always permit free early check-ins and late check-outs. We will know about this possibility in 24 hours till arrival or departure date. If our client likes to have early check-in or late check-out it will be necessary to pay for one additional night of stay.
During check-in time our staff member will ask you to produce your passport or any other document that identifies your personality.

11. For how long does your company hold booked apartments? In case our customer doesn’t arrive and doesn’t inform us about the delay by phone, e-mail or fax, we will hold the booked apartment till 24.00 of the same day. In case we don’t receive the information by that time, we cancel the reservation.

12. Can I change the location after booking is completed?
Yes, you can if there are vacant apartments in Poltava in the other location.

13. Who do I call if I face problems?
If you face any problems or need some help you can call any of our managers and they will help you with great pleasure. The telephone numbers are indicated in the web site (contact information).

14. What if I don’t like the apartment?
Taking into account this unpleasant situation we will offer you an alternative apartment the next day (if there are vacant apartments).

15. In the indicated price for rent apartment should payment be included for the whole apartment or only a payment for one guest?
It is the payment for the whole apartment, but it is necessary to specify the number of people who will be staying at the chosen apartment.

16. Do the apartments have Internet access?
Yes, majority of our apartments have Internet access, but not all of them. That’s why it is necessary to discuss this question with our agent. Additionally, we can offer you wireless modem for Internet access for extra charge.

17. Do you have a right to give me another apartment not informing me?
No, we don’t have a right. But we reserve to ourselves the right to shift the apartment reservation to higher class, than booked earlier. The price will be without any changes. In case booked apartment unfits to live in (for example it needs urgent repair or etc…) we inform our client about it and offer another variant. In case of disagreement we return the whole payment for reservation.

18. Can I change my arrival date?
Yes, you can. In case you arrive no less than in 10 days and we have vacant apartments for new dates (or if we have vacant rooms of the same class in the hotel you reserved).

19. Is it possible to have anonymous apartment rent?
No, it is not possible.

20. What equipment is in the apartments?
Each apartment in Poltava is equipped with space or cable television, refrigerator, furnished kitchen, iron, ironing-board and vacuum cleaner. In some apartments there are microwave oven, VHS, compact disk recorder and coffee-machine. It is offered: fresh linen and towels, face soap, toilet paper and garbage bags.

21. Could I invite friends to the apartment?
Yes, of course.

22. Can I invite friend to live with me in the apartment?
Yes, of course. But you should remember that it is forbidden to exceed the maximum quantity of people living in the apartment.

23. What is my responsibility during my stay in the rental apartment?
You are responsible for any damage caused to the apartment or furniture by your actions. Also, you shouldn’t be loud after 10 p.m.

24. This is my first trip to Ukraine. Is Poltava safe and are your rental apartments and hotels in safe areas?
All Poltava apartments and hotels are located in safe and secure areas. The majority of them are in the center of the city. In many cases entry to the apartment building is by coded combination. Entry doors are steel plated. It should be noted that Poltava is a safe city. Just be careful late at night, use your common sense and you’ll be fine.

25. Do you organize transfer from the airport or from the railway station?
Yes, this service you can agree with our managers in advance. We will meet you in the airport or railway station and take you directly to your apartment or hotel.

26. What are the best periods for visiting Poltava?
You can visit our city during the whole year. The best time for excursions and going sightseeing is late spring, summer and beginning of autumn. The weather at this period of time is wonderful.
If you like winter kinds of sport as skiing or skating – welcome to Poltava during winter time. There 2 skiing resorts equipped with modern skiing outfit, several indoor (outdoor) skating rinks.

27. Can you tell me how I will pay for goods and services during my stay in Poltava?
Everyday expenses should be paid in Hryvnias, Ukraine`s National Currency. You can be informed about the exchange rate by our manager. It is not advisable to offer Foreign Currency, such as Dollars or Euros in stores and restaurants, as either this will not be accepted. Increasingly now in Poltava, many shops, stores and restaurants accept credit cards. The best option is to use one of the many ATM`s in the city. This is a reliable, safe and convenient way of obtaining cash night or day.

If you have any questions we will answer them with great pleasure!